Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Reminders

My heart was yearning to talk to a dear friend this morning. This is one of the friends that I have neglected in the past weeks of my chaotic torment. Since the clouds of chaos have parted way to let the sun shine on the field of daisies, it was time to reach out to a girlie who frolics with me. What she had to share was astounding...life changing.

Her cousin and family live in Joplin, Missouri. Enough said right there.

While one of the biggest, fiercest tornadoes on record ripped through their small town, this family of 8 (6 children ranging in age from teen to 18 months)huddled in the first floor half bath. They had no basement, nothing to get them underground. The twister leveled their home with them standing right in the middle of it. One wall of the bathroom fell in on them hitting the mother in the head, but then shielding the entire family from the horror happening around them. All 8 walked out without a scratch except for the bump on the head.

My friend confessed that she struggled with the all too familiar question for God "Why???". These are good people who love the Lord and care for others every chance they get. Why would God inflict such damage and destruction on people such as these. And then the truth of the matter hit her, he protected all that mattered...period. He did honor these people in the greatest possible way.

She told me that the latest Facebook update on this family included a photo of all 8 standing in front of the pile that was their house...smiling.

Blessing. That is what this conversation, this story was for me. A blessed reminder to hold onto only that which really matters. To give my time, energy, attention to the things that will go with me in the end. Because nothing else really matters.

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